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Movie Category – FIGHT

21 Brothers

A Case of Deceit

Risk Factor

Legion of Honor

You Don’t Know Dick

Movie Category – FANTASY

Origin: A Call to Minds

Archon Defender

Rulers of Darkness 

Patient 62

Movie Category – FEAR

Behind The Door

Black Eve 


September Runs Red

Gone By Dawn


Gone By Dawn 2…
Dead By Dusk

Taken Too Far

(Not Available in the USA)

Twisted Pieces


A Deadly Place

Last Ones There

Movie Category – FEELS

Black Noise

 Final Dance


The Desert Fish


The Umbrella Man



The Tower


(Not Available in the USA)



F’cking My Way Back Home


To Hell With Harvey

Moments In Spacetime

(Not Available in the USA)


One Good Reason

Movie Category – FUNNY

Miss In Her Teens 

Love…and Other Reasons To Panic

Canadian Muscle

Club Utopia

Twenty Million People

Killing Poe

Sir John A & The Curse of the Anti-Quenched

Shadow of the Missing

Get The Sucker Back

Laura Gets A Cat

Toy Gun

(Not Available in the USA)

Speak Your Mind

Backyard Ashes 

Movie Category – FANDOM

The Scene: An Exploration of Music in Toronto 

The Father of Hockey

A Second Chance:
The Janelle Morrison Story 

Team Howard

Hockey’s Lost Boy

If It’s Not Something,
It’s Something Else…

Only The Dead Know
The Brooklyn Americans

Family of Champions

Where’s The Soul?

Millennium After The Millennium

Being Leafs Nation

Nightclub Star

Movie Category – FACT

Creation & Catastrophe

Humanity Last…
Refugees Still Hope

New Age of Aging

Heroines In The Storm – Part 4 – Woman At Home

Let Them Play

The Girl Who Wore Freedom