“Film Financing that is fair, affordable and structured for success. ”

Golden Media and Syndication is proud to be partnering with Red Coral to offer the financing. Combining a unique and highly experienced team of professionals, Red Coral is proud to make available a film financing program that is ……truly structured for success.

For films that are fully developed, with cast, production teams and filming locations, we can provide up to 100% financing. Red Coral can gap up to 25% of the negative cost, yet the project must have 75% of the film’s negative cost collateralized by qualified forward commitments. This forward coverage can come in the form of tax incentives, foreign distribution commitments, production/post production deferment agreements, product placement/integration and equity.

We target projects with budgets ranging from one to five million USD and will consider in a wide range of genres.

The financing is structured to be affordable. The final rate is dependent on the credit quality of the forward commitments, the production team and origin of tax incentives.

Red Coral can use domestic distribution to cover the uncommitted gap ensuring the return of invested capital and the financial success of the project for all participants. Red Coral has unique relationship in the domestic market as a result of its partnership with AMC Theaters.

For projects that are strong but do not yet have 75% of the negative costs covered with forward commitments, we can assist in bringing high quality foreign distribution agreements and unique product placement arrangements.

We will take a first lien position on all revenues from the project until all of the principal and interest are repaid. The remaining revenues are distributed pursuant to a standard waterfall.

We would love the opportunity to evaluate your project!